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New Collection Home Interior Furniture

Welcome to our fabulous new luxury interior furniture Collection. Designed for those of you who want a contemporary look but aren’t prepared to compromise on comfort. This is modern luxury furniture with a feeling of softness and warmth. It welcomes you and your visitors, enveloping you in layers of sumptuous upholstery, superb fabrics and fluid shapes.

The Home of Inspired Design
The Chelsea Collection of designer furniture relies on a soft, muted palette of colours to create a calm interior with an effortless, restful feel. But don’t think for a moment that this means it is drab or lacklustre. The choice of muted colours acts as a perfect backdrop for some sensational designs, inspired shapes and more than a hint of fun. Think of swirls, twists, textures and innovative materials.

The Home Interior Furniture Collection. Stand Out from the Crowd
Snuggle into gloriously comfortable armchairs, make a statement with a sumptuous sofa, or stand out from the crowd with hand-decorated cabinets or a sinuous, swirled headboard. Everything in this luxury furniture collection is designed to turn heads and start conversations. Our use of materials is key. Soft, tactile fabrics, textured and smooth leathers work with warm, natural woods and subdued, brushed metallic finishes. Cool, reflective glass and opulent marble contrast with the gentle subtlety of mother of pearl.

Down to the Detail
Remember, all our luxury furniture is hand made by European master craftsmen. Every item is immaculate down to the last seam, brush stroke or stitch. We use only the finest quality materials, ensuring that the entire collection is perfect in every way. And you can customise just about everything using our extensive library of fabrics and finishes. Or you can specify bespoke sizes, your own fabrics and choice of finishes to create something as unique and individual as you are. Simply ask our design team about the spectacular range of options available.

Comfortably Contemporary
If you are looking for luxury furniture with a contemporary personality but no harsh lines, the Chelsea Collection offers comfort, cosiness and relaxation. With its capricious curves and smooth edges, it gives you an on-trend, modern look with a softer feel.

High Class Quality Furniture
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